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  1. that trench coat is gorgeous and I love how you paired it with this outfit. Loving your blog and following on Bloglovin :) hope you can follow too if you like mine :)

  2. omgosh your ruffled trench is AMAZING!!! so cute and feminine!! i loveeee your adorable sweater as well!!

  3. looking good, little lady!

    how can you wear those shoes?!?!? lol. they are so fab, and i think i broke my right ankle just looking at them. i am a TOTAL FAIL when it comes to high heels. i just can’t. wuss factor eleven here! :)

    p.s. you are so lucky to have a snore-free and still boyfriend when it comes to sleeping! i thrash about, and have a low tolerance for loud snoring. it drives me bonkers. but rumor has it i snore a teeny tiny bit sometimes too. lol