As the nights get colder, my desire for warm and hearty soups increases. I have a few tried and true chili recipes, but I recently wanted to mix it up a bit. Enter Google and a quick search for “best … Continue reading

“Bacon Bow-tie Bonanza”


I came across this quick and simple pasta salad recipe on Pinterest a few weeks ago and, with a few of my own modifications, it has quickly become our summer favorite. Estimated cooking time, from fridge-to-tummy: 30mins. Mark lovingly calls … Continue reading

Dainty Dish: Bruxie


Recently I went with a few friends (this is Kat, the one I was telling you about!!)  to check out Bruxie. Bruxie was Yelp’s number 2 most popular restaurant of 2011 (nationwide) so I couldn’t help but ask.. Really?? Number 2? … Continue reading

Form of Flattery: Masa’s Potato Leek Soup


  While eating Potato Leek Soup at Masa, I couldn’t help but start craving my mother’s Stilton Potato Leek Soup.  So, Masa’s soup was definitely worthy of a Form of Flattery post!  In which, the taste of something lingers to … Continue reading

Dainty Dish: Masa Bakery & Cafe

eatin soup

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend took me to Masa, a little gem of a restaurant in the iconic neighborhood of Echo Park.  The decor was charmingly eclectic.  Mark insisted that it was maybe shabby chic, but after a bit … Continue reading

Desperately Seeking Chick(en)s


Don’t ask me why, but Amazon recommended “100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know” to me about a month ago.  I like to cook as well as buy cookbooks on the reg, so at first glace, this recommendation totally made sense. … Continue reading