walt disney concert hall

This past Easter weekend marked my 4 year anniversary with Mark. If you would have told me 4 years ago that I would be living with Mark in his amazing, modern home with views of downtown LA (where I’d be working), and now married to him, I would have had you committed. Why am I so lucky? I’ll never know, but I’ll take it!
I haven’t been blogging, but I blog in my head, you know? I go to a… Continue



Sigh, where to begin?
I know, I’ll begin with this: I’m sorry I’ve been away. I have a super great excuse, so just hear me out for a moment.
This will be my 4th attempt at putting my thoughts on paper. I struggled with the previous drafts of this post because I truly have trouble creating a narrative for such important and intertwined subjects. I hope laying them out in chronological order will help, as bullet-point keynote thoughts of what… Continue

Write Your First Like..


Sometime around 2007, I started photographing my outfits for quick reference on those “I don’t know what to wear” days. I found a few online communities where women would post pictures of and critique each other’s style that I started participating in and eventually started my first “public” fashion blog in 2008. After a month or so, I found that my blog was evolving from fashion and personal style to reflect all of my interests. While I have since retired… Continue

A Life-Learner: from Photoflop to Photoshop


Disclaimer: A Life-Learner Aline posts are personal accounts in being taught something I am completely new to, with very little to zero experience. By no means is it a tutorial!

I used to find my limited knowledge of Photoshop endearing.  I’d put a ridiculously scaled mustache on my Mark’s face, throw my head on Pikachu’s body, place myself in the middle of a video game.  While cute (and hilar to me), my self-taught “skills” did me no good in… Continue