1 year


Our amazing friend, Cesar, filmed our wedding in Super 8 as a wedding gift. Mark used that footage and put this together for me as a 1 year anniversary gift. Over the coming weeks, I’m going to share some of … Continue reading

Hello Kitty


I started collecting Hello Kitty as a child of the 80’s. My dad often traveled to Japan for business and would come home with HK and Astro Boy goodies for me each trip. I’d collect my pencils, stickers, and erasers, … Continue reading

We are getting MARRIED!!


It still feels like a dream, but we are engaged! Mark proposed on September 20, 2013 with the most gorgeous ring ever and it was the best night of my life that I have ever had, by a landslide! It … Continue reading

3 Minute Glitter Hair Clip!


I was recently pulling an outfit to wear to an event when I realized that there was something missing… a bit of sparkle in my hair. I didn’t have time to go out and buy anything and didn’t have a … Continue reading

I left my heart in Hawaii


I spent last week in Hawaii and boy oh boy am I missing it. It seems like each time I go I start to cook up crazy ideas on how I could become a permanent island girl. I went to … Continue reading

Settling In


I’ve been a busy little bee, as Mark and I have officially moved in together! (I alluded to this in my last blog post towards the end! prepare for an onslaught of !!!) After years of working hard, Mark accomplished his dream … Continue reading

Can I SCREAM?!!!


Pay it forward. We’ve seen the movie. We all have a general sense of karma. We smile at passers by, hold a door open, drop change into a tip jar, turn in a lost cell phone, jump start a car… I … Continue reading

Gadchick Mag


[issuu width=420 height=640 embedBackground=%2327c0bf printButtonEnabled=false backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120303160600-3dc3c541201f4c91a6ecad688cd705c8 name=issue2 username=gadchick tag=android unit=px id=39e008d4-93e0-c25c-f17d-24a65a1b8378 v=2]   I am proud and tickled to share the second issue of Gadchick Magazine with you. Have a great week!



My friend Kat Park did my hair AND make-up this weekend and I am so excited about the results! We were looking at my “hair inspiration” board on Pinterest and settled on this image. I LOVE how it turned out!! If … Continue reading