As the nights get colder, my desire for warm and hearty soups increases. I have a few tried and true chili recipes, but I recently wanted to mix it up a bit. Enter Google and a quick search for “best chili recipe” and I was on my way to making this.

It was some darn good chili and I can’t wait to take the best parts of it to combine with some of my other favorite recipes. I think that I will keep this dish in heavy winter rotation. What are some of your favorite cold weather recipes?

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  1. well this looks delicious! i think anything with a side of cornbread is probably delicious! lol

    dang this winter has been so cold! NORMALLY i am not one for soups and stuff, but this winter i was sick so much that i ate more soup! i discovered my favorite favorite favorite favorite soup in the world — a thai soup called tom yum. omfg. best soup in the world, whether you are feeling puny or not. if you haven’t tried it, TRY IT. the version with coconut milk is the best, but the version without is probably healthier. you can get it with chicken or shrimp. or maybe even beef. TO DIE FOR!