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  1. i love the sweater! and that marc by marc jacobs bag is adorable -i love his little pouchette bags.

    great colors – love it!

    <3 katherine

    ps – found you thru the modsquad group

  2. This outfit is so cute and I’m jealous of your ponytail. Also, if that candy you’re eating is by Airheads, you get +10 bonus points cause that stuff is GOOD!

  3. i love this outfit the adorable sweater w/ the pink skirt and those gorgeous teal louboutins!! adorable!! you look so gorgeous!

  4. WHAT. This is the best outfit I have ever seen in life. Also, do you work out? Because I want to be doing wahtever you are. So. Hot.

  5. i. love. your blog. so much. so much! happy i found it tonight, truly. you have amazing, quirky, colorful style. i think you’re just the positive influence i need to get me outta my dull white and beige duds. xo.