Settling In

I’ve been a busy little bee, as Mark and I have officially moved in together! (I alluded to this in my last blog post towards the end! prepare for an onslaught of !!!)

After years of working hard, Mark accomplished his dream of buying a house, then shortly after asked me to move in with him! It’s a splendid, cozy, modern house with breathtaking views! (a WHOLE lot more on the house later!) We are now official LA residents! I now commute LESS THAN 15 MINUTES from my job in downtown! I am very happy! That said, moving is a lot of work, as the last few weeks have been a complete blur!

The move started the last week of May, when we packed up a U-haul (by we, I mean our gracious friends) with all of our things and made the trek to our new hillside nest. The major furniture and objects have settled in, and all that’s been left are clothes, boxes, shoes, boxes, books, and more boxes, (you hear everyone say it, but you truly do not realize how many things you own until you are forced to pack it all up).

Very soon, I will have all of my clothing in one (very, very large closet)! This is huge for me because I have spent the last 2+ years living out of a suitcase on the weekends, when I was visiting friends and my boyfriend. I’ll have all my belongings centralized, with the City of Los Angeles as my new backdrop! Let the steady and stable outfit posts commence! I’ve been dying for this stability.

Clothing and essentials came first, but the main reason behind the whirlwind of chaos that comes with settling in has been the interior design, picture hanging, accent color choosing, furniture-building, furniture-selling, blinds/washer/oven shopping coordination color swatching hair-pulling “careful with that box it has my china” shouting bookshelf re-arranging Home-Depot-visiting-multiple-coat-painting-light-fixture-replacing-[catches breath], that our envisioned living space has required of us.

We’ve moved into a giant blank canvas that’s demanded our personal touch, at the high cost of our free time. These last few weeks we’ve fully thrown ourselves head first into it, with no regard to what our free time used to consist of! So now we’re close to our stopping point. Although Mark has charted his own near and far future for his home improvements (he’s been quoting/impersonating Home Improvement for weeks), we’ve set a goal for our initial stage to where we are comfortable and settled.

I’m crazy excited about this and have tried my best to hold back details and designs regarding our new nest! So, very soon, I will introduce a home decor mini series of posts showcasing our design/approach to three different rooms in the house! I could not disappear again because of great changes in my life, I felt that I must share these moving-in ups and downs through blog posts. After all, interior decor is one of my greatest enjoyables in life :-]




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  1. Yay congrats. What a lovely location. We are in the midst of packing up for a move too and I never thought we could accumulate so many things in 2 years. Time to purge.

  2. this is so great. I’m so excited for you and this new chapter in your life. xo can’t wait to see more of the house.

  3. congratulations!!!! buying a house is HUGE!!!! and moving in together is HUGE!!!!! these are monumental and fab steps in life, and i hope you guys are enjoying it! AND i hope the dust has settled from the TRAUMA of moving. moving is so exhausting!!!! SO MUCH WORK!!!!! but it is worth it in the end if you love the new digs

    p.s. i am TOTALLY jealous of your commute. TOTALLY. i live on the east side and work on the west side, and spend infuriating amounts of time commuting. but i love where i live, have a pretty cush job, so i have put up with it for almost 10 years. UGH. i think lotto winnings are the only thing that could change it. lol