I left my heart in Hawaii

I spent last week in Hawaii and boy oh boy am I missing it. It seems like each time I go I start to cook up crazy ideas on how I could become a permanent island girl. I went to an insanely gorgeous wedding in Maui and then headed to Honolulu to visit with some family. My mom’s fam is from Hawaii, so the culture (and food!!!) is deeply rooted inside of me. Here are a sampling of my Instagram pics of my adventures…

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  1. This is beyond amazing – the food looks incredible, you look gorgeous in every single picture (and your outfits are perfect)… yeah, I’m going to be needing a Hawaii trip!

  2. wah! omg, your pics are so fab! i have never been, and i would love to go.

    my boyfriend knows a family that just sold everything and moved to hawaii. the dad of the family has one of those jobs where he can work from any location, so they just did it. i am sure they are loving it in their new home. wish i could do the same!

    p.s. pretty much any time i go on vacation i am ready to relocate to that spot. except for vegas. HA!